Saturday, August 23, 2008

That's really uninteresting

When I decided to begin this new blog I thought that instead of writing about the general happenings of my life, I'd try to focus on making it an accurate depiction of my educational experience. Perhaps my hope was to shed some light on the realities of b-school at the BY for those who may be considering a future here. To create a beacon of truth for the unassuming and eager GMAT takers of the world. To publish a herald to the trials and tribulations of my fellow students and blah blah blah...BORING. The idea hasn't even held for the first two entries. I guess that could be because we're only half way through orientation at this point and the only things of mild interest I could share would be about the paper airplane my group built that didn't win yesterday's competition, or the moment we almost dropped a group member in the water at our Army leadership training. These things aside however, I realize that virtually no one will care about how much time it's going to take my group to put together a presentation on ethical financial reporting, the hours of sleep lost over a mid-term paper, or the number of chocolate covered cinnamon bears I consume each day. I'm already bored writing these hypothetical topics that could appear hereafter--except for the part about the cinnamon bears--so I'm guessing that if I can't even stay interested in myself, nobody else will.

The moral of this story is that the chocolate covered cinnamon bears really do live up to their reputation. Also, I have no intention of doing anything in particular with this blog except for making it pretty much the same as the old blog with a lighter template and a new address. It goes without saying that since I've sold my soul to school for the next two years, it just might come up every now and again but hopefully somewhere between the gummys and the balance sheets I can manage to do interesting enough things with my life to keep you three readers entertained.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Inaugural Night

This is a new blog for a new time of life. As such, something poignant should probably be written here, but, it's not going to happen. Mostly I'm just psyched to have a new computer and felt like a good old (new) blog entry was the prime way to break it in.

Stay tuned for more musings from Cougar country...which is what I think they call this place.