Thursday, January 7, 2010

Confessions of a real adult - take 1

Every now and again I have brief moments when I suddenly remember that I'm an adult. Sadly, they are usually the most insignificant moments in life- like when my AAA membership comes due, or when I have just laid down to bed and realized the candle is still burning in the other room and I have to get up again, or even just when the paper towels run out and my conscience reminds me that a responsible adult doesn't leave it for the next person to replace. Sigh. I can't even remember when I accepted adulthood. Have I? All I know is that I have cried once or twice in the past about having to grow up. Like, full on cried. How's that for a confession?

(Side note: there is a guy down the hall right now that looks exactly like Wesley from the Princess Bride. Mustache. Greasy blond bowl cut. Ok, he's gone now.)

Adulthood boggles my mind. It is simultaneously amazing and horrible. For example, in the spring of last year when I found myself on a consulting project in Singapore I wondered if life could get more awesome. However, a year earlier as I was paying upwards of five grand to replace the boiler in my house (I know, who has a boiler anymore?), I wished and prayed for a time warp machine to take me back to pre-school days when the worlds biggest problems revolved around whether there would be snacks. Am I the only one perplexed by the constant contradiction?

My brain hurts.

Anyhoo, the point is that I am an adult. Like it or not. And I deal with hard things daily. But I still like Disney movies. And my joints hurt. MY JOINTS. I go now.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

This is not a New Year's resolution.

So, it's been a while, yes? (Insert excuses here _________). Now that that's out of the way we can get on with the update. It has been almost a year, and admittedly there was little content prior to that, but honestly, who wants to read a diatribe about every tiny detail of the past year and a half? Not me. I'd rather share in pictures! And to keep things as simple as possible, I'll stick to the three major events of the past year. So now, I give you:


I moved to Houston for the summer to complete an internship with a big name company. It. Was. Awesome. The job was great and all, but it was really the FOOD that made the experience. So good, it was worth taking pictures. Greg visited every few weeks and we found time to do some amazingly fun things and fell in love with the city. Lucky thing, since (news alert!) we'll be returning there for my full time job post MBA.


Obviously this event deserve(d)s a post all of its own, but in the interest of time and attention spans I'll just say that it was the most perfect wedding the world has ever seen. Greg and I spent an entire week in Boston before the wedding just relaxing, spending time with friends, and touring the city. Then the day arrived and I tell you, things could not have gone more perfectly. My wonderful family and friends took care of every tiny detail and there was not one moment of stress. Let me encourage all (4 of you) who read this to make your wedding a destination and keep it small. You'll have no regrets. I certainly don't.


And now we reach a more serious part of the program. Warning: semi-graphic pictures ahead. In early November Greg was diagnosed with a brain tumor in his front right lobe and was scheduled for surgery the following week. The surgery took about 7 hours, but was as successful as possible and despite the incision that extended half way across Greg's skull, we were only required to stay 2 nights in the hospital and then released to go back home. Since then we've spent what feels like most of our time on the journey between Provo and Salt Lake for numerous doctor's appointments, and for Greg's daily radiation treatments. We're more than half way done at this point, so life is looking up and despite how serious this all sounds, we've been very blessed through it all with Greg's speedy recovery from surgery and the fact that neither the chemotherapy or radiation treatments have made him sick. All in all, kind of a crazy ride for three months of marriage, but through it all I'd say we've emerged closer than ever. Look at me finding silver linings, huh?

So there you have it, the big 3 of 2009. I must say, I've missed the blogging scene, and though I refuse to make blogging more often a resolution, I do hope to update more than once every 9 months. Although, maybe by then I'll have someone something new to talk about.*