Tuesday, September 2, 2008

MBA 101: Lifestyle

If there is one perk about going back to school it might be that I now have a real excuse to call Top Ramen and various Chef Boyardee canned cuisines dinner. Today, in fact, was the first time I've been grocery shopping in over a month and I really did delight in finding some of the crappiest/cheapest stuff that Macey's had to offer. Even shopping at Macey's screams student loan survival.

I guess there's no real reason for me to be living the "college" lifestyle. I own an entire house for heavens sake, but either my pride or my laziness keeps me rocking the air mattress and rubbermaid bins for my clothes even three weeks into this new situation. Don't worry though, I finally bought sheets today. Of course, in keeping with tradition of this lifestyle, they are a size too large and pushing 150 thread count on a good day--but hey, they were on sale!

Basically I probably need to re-prioritize my life so that I'm not curled up on my sagging mattress every night, eating ravioli and combing the web with every intention of purchasing new electronics or a flight to Boston for the weekend. Also, I need to start doing my homework before 10 PM. I'm out.


Kylee said...

though I'm not doing MBA masses of homework I am doing masses of homework, working an internship, and also trying to figure out this new place and school sitch.

I love hearing about the good old BY! Love it!

I too am living off of horribly good terrible food, cans of Slimfast for breakfast,and Coke Zero ( though I do intend to quit that at some point...)

I noticed you didnt blog about the first Cougars BYU Football game--you know you have to get into BYU football at some point--come on give in!

Go cougars--way to start off the season right!

Nat Attack said...

Lean pockets! They go on sale... watch for them. Delish.

Christy said...

Ju, you're better than top ramen! I'll send you taco soup -- be on the lookout for a dripping package.

Becky said...

You're not the only post-grad late 20's girl rocking the air mattress... don't worry. Here's a tip though... I've been sleeping on a Coleman full size mattress for at least 4 years now. It's set on top of a single layer of nine rubbermaid bins, and I have a bedskirt and a mattress pad so it looks exactly like a "real bed." The bins are great, they provide tons of storage and they boost my bed up to normal height!