Friday, March 19, 2010

New Years Resolution #47586a7

You guys. 14 days of actual classes left in my entire educational career (please no one even mention a PhD to me right now - sadists). How sad is it that this is only my 17th post since the beginning of my school adventures? So much for memory preservation. Is this why we're counseled to keep journals? Is not a blog journal enough? I guess not when you're only averaging .85 posts per month. HUGE SIGH.

I'm not one to commit myself to blogging, but writing out the above is actually somewhat alarming because there are walks things to remember. I've done a bunch of wicked awesome things these past two years that deserve recognition beyond the pictures preserved in my unshared Picasa libraries. SO, here I am committing to blogging them all out over the course of these last 14 school days. Finals nothing, I've got journaling to do!

Oh, you thought I'd share a memory now? Ha, no. The first step is admitting you have a problem, or committing to blogging, or something like that. Stay tuned!